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The Divine Providence and the Great White Lodge of the Invisible have allowed the creation of this energy site, the only one existing in the world.


One of the greatest Initiates. Through many incarnations, He has unveiled the keys of the True Hermetics to humanity.

Hermes Trimegiste (the Three Times Large), Apollonius of Tyan (contemporary of Jesus), Confucius, Lao-Tseu, Nostradamus, the Count of Saint Germain, Cagliostro, Franz Bardon, Himself, always Himself, blessed.

Thanks to the way given by the "Initiation into Hermetics", the sincere seeker is able to free himself of many of his sufferings and progress in all safety on the Way to Perfection.

This website is a modest way to pay tribute to him.

May His name and that of Urgaya and the Brotherhood of Light be blessed for always by Divine Providence.

Great Master, thank you infanatly in the name of all seekers and of all humanity.


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Initiation into Hermetics

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"Initiation Into Hermetics" is at the moment in the hands of sincere seekers living not only in Germany, but also in Europe. Numerous students, wishing to find the authentic Way leading to Perfection, also possess this book.

This book was specially requested by Divine Providence. This book was written to lead all seekers for the Truth, on the Way to Perfection.

Franz BARDON insists upon the importance that each pupil does not rush because he shall not only harvest failures, but may even cause harmful effects.

The principal excercises in this manual contribute to the development of powers hidden and inherent in the physical, psychic and mental body of the human being. The awakening of these faculties allow the pupil to improve, according to his wishes, his existence in the world, because in every man exists desires, ideals and different aspirations. Consequently, the one who practices each level, in this book, one after the other, in a thorough and conscientious manner, could efficiently provide for his own material needs and well being.

Franz Bardon calls upon the Divine Blessing on all his readers, wishing that this may bring much patience, a great persevering and love towards the wonderful excercises which found the Hermetic Science.

By Otti Votavova


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The Vibratory pages given by this site, Help you to succeed the exercises of this book. To benefit from them, you just simply sit yourself comfortably towards the East, arms and legs unfolded, and look at the Vibratory page corresponding to the level which you are working on. Let yourself be fulfilled for some minutes (maximum 20 minutes) then stop and do your exercise. They will be much easier to carry out. We take your attention to the importance of the Divine Vibrations.



Vibratory Page of level 1

Vibratory Page of level 6

Vibratory Page of level 2

Vibratory Page of level 7

Vibratory Page of level 3

Vibratory Page of level 8

Vibratory Page of level 4

Vibratory Page of level 9

Vibratory Page of level 5

Vibratory Page of level 10


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The Practice of Magical Evocation

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By accomplishing the great mission given by the Divine Providence, the author of the "Initiation into Hermetics" gives the sincere searchers of the Truth today his second work : "The Practice of Magical Evocation".

In this book, he shows the next steps of the Magical Path to all the students who have already been able to start their development due to the means given in the first book.

No other book who may hold this Knowledge, has given it in the past and does not give at present such a clear image which it does in this book, because the author is capable of expressing with simple words the Knowledge most profound ; much more, he describes a series of strange and wonderful encounters and situations in relation to our Planet as well as to other Worlds and Spheres which surround us.

An immense acknowledgement rises, from all the readers and true disciples of Great Wisdom, to the Divine Providence for Her Great Grace and to the one whom She has send.

By Otti Votavova


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Books written by Franz BARDON


Books written by Dieter Rüggeberg



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