This Web site is offered to the DIVINE MOTHER, to the DIVINE PROVIDENCE, to JESUS CHRIST,
to URGAYA, to FRANZ BARDON , to Master KOOT-HOMI, to Master MORYA

and to all the Brothers of the Light of the Great White Lodge.

We thank all the Great Occidental Masters of the Tradition, to Eileen CADDY and the founders of the Findhorn community, HAZIEL, MikhaŽl d'ESTISSAC, and to all those who work for the propagation of the Light and the Divine Evolution.


This wonderful site has been imagined by a Initiate and made voluntarily by one of his students.

Thanks to the DIVINE  PROVIDENCE, he can offer to you all these wonders.

Consult our page To be read imperatively before any visit of the web site.

The Divine Providence and the Great White Lodge of the Invisible have allowed the creation of this energy site, the only one existing in the world.


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